Practice Areas

B & D Law attorneys practice in discrete areas of civil law. Every attorney at B & D Law has a wealth of experience and knowledge that make the Firm a powerful advocate for our clients.

Insurance Bad Faith Litigation

A substantial portion of Bauman & Dow’s litigation practice includes insurance coverage and bad faith litigation. The Firm routinely represents plaintiffs in disputes and litigation against insurance companies dealing with denial of coverage or defense or failure to settle claims. The Firm has developed an excellent reputation in New Mexico and the Southwest in handling insurance bad faith cases.

Construction Law

Practice in this area focuses on a wide range of services; from planning to completion and every stage in between on a construction project. In addition, the firm represents owners in construction defect litigation including design and material deficiencies, poor workmanship and structural failures.

Business Organization

The Firm assists clients with the transactional aspects of all kinds of business organizations. Our Firm’s services range from the simplest contract negotiations, to structuring and assisting in the closing of more complex asset or stock sale transactions and refinancing’s.

Personal Injury

This area of practice concentrates on making sure a person’s medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses are paid and that an injured person is fully compensated for his/her injury. Insurance companies don’t follow through on compensating accident victims and count on the fact that accident victims don’t know or are in too much pain to demand full compensation. We make certain that they do!

Breach of Contract

When someone violates the terms of an agreement or contract without justification, that is a breach of contract. The Firm represents plaintiffs who have been damaged by a failure to perform within the parameters of an agreed-upon contract or even fraud. Plaintiffs have a right to expect that both parties will honor contractual promises made and the Firm has had many notable successes for its clients, including property owners, medical doctors, and business owners.

Class Action & Mass Tort

The Firm rightfully earned its successful reputation with the Mariposa Property Owners class action and in representing property owners in wildfires cases. These cases are highly complicated with high dollar amounts, hundreds of clients, and significant business and personal implications. The Firm fights for its clients, representing their claims against government agencies, and big corporations who are then forced to make things right. Engaging the Firm in class action and mass tort lawsuits sends a powerful message to the defendants that our clients are ready to take serious legal action if the case is not resolved.

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