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“ Unlicensed contractor convicted in other states now under investigation”

For more information click this link “ Unlicensed contractor convicted in other states now under investigation”

Breach of Contract – $10.1 MILLION Awarded
  • In Muncie v Eyeglass World, our doctor client received a $2.1MM judgment for damages he sustained when the corporation breached its contract and fraudulently copied his patient files.
  • In Yedidag v Roswell Clinic, our doctor client lost his job when he criticized a colleague during a confidential surgical peer review. We won him $8MM for wrongful termination and loss of income due to hospital’s bad faith breach of his employment contract.
Personal Injury – $700 THOUSAND Awarded
  • Our client won a $700,000 settlement for the neck and back injuries he received when his vehicle was rear- ended by a truck. The Firm made sure he received the money he needed to cover his medical bills and for his pain, suffering and lost time.
Wrongful Death – $12.4 MILLION Awarded
  • Our client received $7.9MM because the insurance company refused to defend a homeowner in the negligent death of an invited guest.
  • Another client won $4.5MM settlement: Eleven-year-old child and his father were run over by an 18-wheel oilfield truck killing father and son. After payout under the primary policy, the Firm successfully won another settlement from the Umbrella/Excess Liability Insurance Policy after the excess insurance company refused to defend.
Construction Defect – $1.9 Million Awarded
  • Our client won $1.3MM in a lawsuit against homebuilder and prior owner for undisclosed defects to a high-value home in Santa Fe. After buying his home, our client found serious defects that substantially devalued his home. We made him whole again.
  • Our client received $300,000 when his roof collapsed. When the insurance carrier and the contractor refused to make the necessary repairs, the Firm went after them for the repairs.
  • Our client received $300,000 settlement from the general contractor for a defective HVAC installation which caused severe damages to the homeowner’s property. When the general contractor refused to honor its contract, we made them pay for the damages and all other charges.

Recent updates

August 2019

The Mariposa Community Property owners settled their class action lawsuit against the property developer, High Desert Developer and Albuquerque Academy and received $5MM in settlement. In 2011, a huge wildfire in northern New Mexico burned over 244 sq miles. Our Firm joined in the filing of a mass tort lawsuit against the electric company and …

August 2019

Our client received $2.5MM settlement when the insurance company denied coverage under the uninsured motorist clause. We forced the insurance company to make good on its liability policies. Our client received $1.5MM when the insurance company refused to defend the insured client under its liability coverage, and we made them reconsider. Our client, who was …

August 2019

Second judicial District court judge enters Summary Judgment against skilled nursing insurance carrier who refused to honor its Extended Reporting Endorsment.

August 2019

Firm settled with multiple insurers and contractor for $400k to make client whole in a commercial building collapsed roof case.

July 2019

Firm settled with insurance company for $170k that wrongfully denied coverage to homeowner for flood damage caused by broken water heater.